ART + CHATTER | Embracing Art: The Foreground vs The Background


Embracing Art:  The Foreground vs. The Background

We are a firm believer that what we share in an artistic piece can say alot.  The amount of detail we put in the background of a painting or sketch can really draw the viewer in or not.  The piece of art becomes more believable with the more detail we place.

Whereas a full attentive foreground gives an exclamation point to the viewer.  It is a close up and personal approach and show un-apologetically what the artwork is about.

Most artists are pushing and pulling against themselves versus what they know and what they do not know.  We can enjoy the struggle and see the dialogue in their collection.  Nonetheless, we as artists are constantly finding our way.

We have been enjoying the series Artists Project at the Met Museum.

Chateau de la Napoule | ART CLASSES. #artclasses #ShantaLaster #painting #chateaudelanapoule #thatsdarling #lanapoule

Chateau de la Napoule


Our most absolute dream would be to take an art class at Chateau de la Napoule.

The La Napoule offers private workshops and retreats as well as weekly painting or sculpting classes. The estate stretches alongside the Mediterranean beach just minutes outside of Cannes.  The La Napoule Art Foundation (INAF) manages the art residency and workshop programs.





C A M P | The First Monday in May #metgala2019 #metgala #campfashion


1st Monday in May

C A M P 


Thanks to Air Magazine for their coverage of what is Camp.  According to the article and Ware’s Dictionary of English Slang and Phrase – in 1909, “Actions and gestures of exaggerated emphasis. Used chiefly by persons of exceptional want of character.”

Our C A M P portraits